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Peter Sweeney, First Class Rail Ltd

I feel moved to write an email of thanks and gratitude, with my situation changing shortly and our brilliant working relationship sadly coming to an end, I just felt the need to pass on my thanks. I was recommended by a good friend to use your services in a time of need for myself and my company. I found myself in a pretty messy situation with all things tax related, due part to my ignorance and poor accounting.

Very quickly you highlighted all the areas that weren’t right, and very professionally went about helping right my wrongs, all done with great patience, all the time never talking down to me and always speaking in a language I could understand. The peace of mind and confidence this gave me was immeasurable. You were always there at the end of the phone and no matter how daft a questioned I asked, you always obliged me. I shall always be grateful for what you have done for me and my company, and I am so glad I took my friends advice to use you.

I would be more than happy to pass on my experiences I have had with you and your company, with any potential clients you may have who are considering using you. May you and your company have continued success and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Tax Returns can be completed for…

  • Individuals and sole traders;
  • Partnerships;
  • Limited Companies.

The self-assessment regime is full of penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It’s important that…

  • Returns are correctly completed;
  • They are filed on time;
  • All backup records are retained for the appropriate period of time.

As well as the completion of your return we can assist with…

  • Advice on your tax liabilities;
  • Negotiating with the Collector if necessary;
  • Identifying suitable tax planning opportunities;
  • Completing all the necessary tax computations;
  • Dealing with all correspondence from HMRC, taking the worry away from you.

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